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At Advanced Tech, we pride ourselves on being able to provide customized solutions for our clients. We can start with our already-flexible software and tailor it to the individual needs of each of our clients as they desire. For instance, while most clients like the way our invoices print, we may have a client who requires invoices to print on certain forms. That’s not a problem for us! We can easily incorporate customized programming into our software, even just for one client!

In addition to simply customizing our software (any of the modules can be customized), we also can develop a custom software package. We can either start with one of our existing modules, which helps keep the cost down, or we can start entirely from scratch. Whether we start with an existing module or from scratch, we still draw from our extensive repertoire of routines, resources and code.

We can help you with the design and implementation of your software needs. Based on our years of experience in many areas of business, we can strengthen and streamline the software to its full potential. We look for the best combination of ease of use and dependability, always keeping in mind future support needs of the system, user training, and, most importantly, your bottom line.

Among the points we cover before providing an estimate are:
  • up-front package functions
  • expected inputs
  • expected operator inputs and processing
  • expected outputs
  • hidden package functions (you may only see the duck swimming smoothly across the lake, but don’t forget his feet paddling furiously underneath!!!)
  • file conversions of existing files
  • any necessary communications
  • receiving data from or passing data to any other applications
  • saving any data for history or other reporting that may be desired in the future
  • any module of ours or existing software that may work
  • possible error-causing scenarios and how to handle them
  • user training needs and documentation needs

All custom programming is billed on a time and material basis. After the initial meeting to discuss the package requirements, we will write up a proposal of the software’s functionality and requirements. After review, once the package proposal is correct, we will provide an estimate of the cost to develop the system. This is just an estimate, as the actual billing is done monthly on a time and material basis. We will also provide an estimate of when we would expect to have it finished. A down payment will be required in order for us to begin development.

As the work progresses, we will keep you informed of any changes in the development process so that you can be an active partner in getting the software that is right for your business. We can also let you know how any changes (either suggested by us or requested by you) will affect the original price and time estimate, so that you can make decisions that are economically viable for your company.

All together, we are able to provide you with software that fits your company’s needs in many different ways, in part due to our extremely flexible customization options.


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