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When running our software under Windows, always check to be sure you don't already have another copy running. This could cause loss of data and file sharing errors. In Windows 3.1/NT3.51, check the Task List. In Win95/98/NT4.0, check the Taskbar.
Welcome to Advanced Tech Systems, Inc. Online!
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We are a small family business that really cares about your business computer needs. From in-depth pre-sales meetings, to quality software, to excellent post-sales technical support, we give you the attention and support your business needs.

First, we look at your unique situation to determine if our software is a good fit for you and your company. After that, during installation and training, we will evaluate the need for any customized features that your business may require. We will train you in the use of the software so that we know upon installation you can begin using it productively.

As you begin using the software, we are available to help you with things such as your first "end of month" routines or your first "physical inventory", because we realize that all learning takes time and that you will benefit from our experiences when performing tasks for the first (sometimes several) times.

Over the years, we remain available to you with software enhancements, with help in special situations, when new operating systems come out (no MAC, though, sorry!) and even to provide modifications, should your business need them as it evolves over the years.

Announcements & Customer Information
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Use the links to the left to update your SSS Software, search our database of reported problems and their fixes or workarounds; or just to learn a little more about us. There is also a form provided by which you may contact us.

New Payroll Version 9.0
Just announced version 9.0 of Payroll. In addition to (EFT) Direct Deposit it also contains (EFT) Child Support Dispersment. You can also do a SIMULATE pay run for an employee.

Journal Entries for Future Months.
Version 8.3 of General Ledger allows for Future Months entry of Journal Entries.

Version 10.0 of all modules, Released.
Released version 10.0 of all modules. Includes windows printing.

Company News
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1/26/2005   Version 10.0 of all modules. Windows Printing   We can now print to any windows printer, USB, Serial, Parallel, Networked, anything you can hook up to windows. We can still print like always, but can now bring up the windows printer dialogue, if you want.
8/4/2004   Upholstered Furniture Module Released.  Released our Upholstered Furniture Operations System (U.F.O.S.). Includes Frame, Cover, Poly, and other parts requirements as a result of issuing a Release to the plant. Contains shipping labels with or without bar (UPC) codes. Bill of Ladings, Order Acknowledgements, Invoices, Shipping Manifest. Contains reports like Load Lists, Lay Lists, Poly requirements, Frame requirements, Backlog reports by Unshipped, Unreleased sorted by state, customer, etc.
10/30/2003   New Payroll Version 9.0.  See annoucements above.
7/30/2002   Released Version 8.0 of ALL Modules.  Released version 8.0 of ALL modules. All master files can now have up to 9,000,000 records.

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