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About Us

Ron Slagel
Software Development, Programming, Sales, Training, Technical Support
Customer Accounts, Bookkeeping

For more than three decades, Ron has been keeping up with the latest technology, always with the future in mind. In the late 70's, he started development of the SSS Accounting software that we still use, sell and support today. In the 80's, he added the powerful, capable and extremely versatile Plant Automated Control System (P.A.C.S.) for fertilizer retail plants that we still sell and support today. All SSS software is written to be easy to use, yet extremely flexible, easily customized, and still based on the solid "mainframe-type" software design core, keeping in mind all aspects of the environment for which the software is written.

From initial contact sales to new product development to providing software with the best technical support around, Ron is here for you for all your business computing needs.

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Teri Wenger
Software Development, Programming, Technical Support

Besides helping to maintain the accounting software, Teri has written several applications. Among these have been an Ad Entry system for a college newspaper; software for PC-mainframe communications; tank control software; remote loadout software for un-manned semi loading docks; a water & sewer billing package; fair judging records system; and more.

June Slagel, MBA
Internal Accounting & Auditing, Tax and Payroll Tax Law Advisor

Besides handling the internal accounting for the business, June is our reference for tax questions. In selling and maintaining our Payroll and other accounting modules, we need to stay current with tax laws and guidelines as they change. June follows these changes so that we can incorporate any necessary changes into our software. June is a valuable resource to us, whether it be researching payroll tax laws, or helping us to better understand our clients' various accounting issues.


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