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Daily Processing - Ticket Generation

  • Stores all information necessary for restricted chemicals including EPA number, legal description, proper shipping name, DOT Hazard class, any possible placarding information, and others.
  • Field splits broken down to farm/field levels.
  • Optional interface to plant inventory package.
  • Field information setup for identifying the piece of ground includes legal description, state, county, township, section, range, CCC number, and tract number.
  • Generates work order, mix ticket, and/or delivery ticket based on user-definable options.
  • Delivery Tickets meet or exceed all DOT and EPA requirements (subject to proper setup of farm location and product files).
  • Work Orders, one ticket per load, can be generated prior to loading.
  • Guaranteed Analysis ticket can be printed which shows percent breakdown of each nutrient, government registration number and registered brand.
  • Can apply package goods at time of ticket generation which will feed to SSS Invoicing.
Daily Processing - Formulation

  • Formulate by grade, plant food per acre or materials per acre.
  • Set minimum gallons per acre on plant food per acre formulations.
  • Formulate with any complete grade of fertilizer.
  • Formulate mixes in advance, saving time at actual mix time.
  • Formulations, mixes and load outs by mixer or truck size.
  • Two mixer sizes can be used: one for blending and one for injection -- can be defined in either gallons or pounds.
  • Formulation mix price screen with 3 levels of wholesale: cost plus, discount, or dollar amount.

Daily Processing - Plant Control

  • Control mixers, injection systems, mini-bulk loadout, and other metering and weighing devices through communications ports connected to a programmable controller. Some of the controllers are able to provide many simultaneous operations, such as mix plant, chemical/water/28% injection lines, mini-bulk loadout and more. This package provides a user-friendly interface between the user and the high-tech controllers, meters, pumps, valves, and other equipment used to move products.
  • Computerized formulations and mixing directly control your materials handling system, leading to increased accuracy and efficiency.
  • Control up to 5 different loading methods simultaneously.
  • Options to 'see' inside and to pre-set the controller.
  • Easy-to-read screen displays 'what's happening' in the controller.
  • Standard mix file with descriptive information and government registration number.
  • Displays previous load and previous tank for nurse truck and/or tank being loaded.
  • Automatic ticket consolidations for invoicing through SSS Invoicing Module.
  • For precise Inventory and Invoicing capabilities, Formulation (P.A.C.S.) can read back from controller what was actually mixed in actual weights or meter counts and then print the delivery ticket.
  • Adjust final weights and print new tickets after blending manually.
History & Reporting

  • On-Going history files are built.
  • Ticket History - tickets can be looked up on-screen by invoice number, customer, or item and beginning and ending date, which provides quick and convenient ways to review any previously-generated tickets.
  • Daily Inventory Usage Report, shows product usage and products sold -- today, month-to-date, and year-to-date activity. Can feed automatically to SSS Plant Inventory module. Prints a Blend usage report.


  • Unlimited number of Metric or U.S. user-definable material files.
  • User-definable spread rates.
  • User-definable ammoniation factor.
  • Pricing can be done by customer/farm and item.
  • User-definable truck, tank, and applicator files.
  • Over 32,000 products.
  • Over 32,000 customers.
  • User-definable terms.
  • User-definable sub-element definition file for Guaranteed Analysis.
  • Runs under DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, and NT.


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