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Accounts Payable

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Vendor Management

Master listing of vendors, although you can use temporary vendors, and you can assign vendor numbers on the fly. History reports by vendor for selected dates show how much you have spent with them. Vendors can be 'held' and no checks will be generated to them.

Invoice Management

Enter invoices as they are received and mark them with the correct actual due date -- selecting specific invoices for payment is made easy. Distribute an invoice among several expense accounts easily, with total invoice amount control to help ensure correct entry. Multiple checking accounts are supported -- you may also split one invoice among several checking accounts. Standard Invoices can be recurring monthly or quarterly and will be automatically included in the Purchase Journal at the correct time.

Cash Flow Management

By posting entries to our General Ledger automatically for any period, even if GL is waiting on a prior month to be closed, ensures day-to-day operation. A Cash Forecast by Due Date or Vendor, printed to printer or shown on the screen, can show total amount due each day, or can show breakdown by vendor.

Payment of Invoices / Manual Checks

Chose which invoices to pay by specified vendors, specified due dates, or any vendor and invoice combination. Invoices can also be chosen on an individual basis for any vendor. Partial payment of invoices is supported, so that you can pay part of an invoice, while leaving the other portion in your open payables. Manual checks are carried through the AP system automatically after being keyed. They are printed on the Checks Issued List in addition to the AP-generated checks.

Quick Check Processing

Just received a COD delivery? NO problem with our new Quick Check Processing option! Just enter the invoice, enter your check number and date, feed the check through your printer and voila! -- the GL entry to GL has been created, the Checks Issued Listing has been printed, and you are finished! No more scrambling to hand-write a check then running it through the computer system later! It's one-step check processing at it's finest!


  • Over 32,000 Venders
  • On-screen GL Account Number and Vendor Number Lookup
  • Vendor Lists
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Automatic Allocation to General Ledger
  • Distribute an Expense to Multiple Accounts
  • Cash/Accrual Basis Both Supported
  • Automatic Recurring Invoices
  • Partial Payment of Invoices
  • Automatically Prevents Overpayment of Invoice
  • Manual Check Processing
  • Validate Vendor and GL Account Numbers
  • Balanced Entries posted to GL
  • Holds Payments to Specific Vendors
  • Easy to Select/De-select Invoices for Payment
  • Continual Processing -- No Waiting on GL Month End
  • Checks Issued List
  • Cash Forecast
  • Vendor History Reporting


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