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Entering Time

Various data entry techniques are available to allow for alternate methods of paying employees. Included are hourly rates, specified payments which disregard rates, one-time deductions and temporary hourly rates for each employee. Payment to salaried employees can be made fully automated or the hours can be manually keyed.

Tax and Deduction Calculation and Reporting

By calculating and recording taxes, printing checks, making entries to GL and generating reports needed for government forms, the SSS Payroll module will simplify the company payroll.

Payroll printouts are designed to expediate filling of government forms. Approved listings for quarterly filing can be printed and sent to the government. W-2's are printed at year end. They may be re-printed as many times as necessary. However, the overwhelming majority of our clients choose to send us their information, and we will print (and mail the printed forms back to you) and electronically file your W-2's with the Federal Government.


Payroll history detail reports are available and can be selected to cover any time period. Some of the reports provide summarized information, others will provide check by check detail.


  • Over 32,000 Employees
  • Multiple Companies
  • Tips and Meals Calculations
  • Fully Automated Payment of Salaried Employees
  • Two Local Tax Withholdings in Addition to Federal, State
  • Allows Reprinting of Checks
  • W-2's and 941's Supported and Printed
  • Quarterly and Annual reporting
  • Detailed Individual Earnings, Hours, and Deduction Reports
  • Time Cards and Time Card Labels Available
  • Up to 13 Deductions (in addition to Taxes & FICA)
  • Multi-Shelter Plans
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Cafeteria Plan
  • Automatic Multi-Department Labor Distribution
  • Automatic Entries to General Ledger
  • Versatile Employee Pay History Inquiry
  • Direct Deposit for Employees Paychecks
  • Pay Vouchers for Directly Deposited Paychecks
  • Paperless Electronic Transfer Direct Deposit through your bank to the federal reserve
  • Provides 'Average Earned Overtime'
  • Accepts data from the Kronos time keeping software
  • All deductions can be direct deposited


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