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Bill of Material & Job Costing

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Our Bill of Material system handles bills efficiently. By copying one bill to another and changing only those items that are different between them, bills with similar contents are easily built. Each item on each bill is verified against the Item master file unless a special code is entered. This ensures that when Inventory sales/withdrawal records are created there will be no item numbers listed which are not in the Item master file.

There are two types of bills: one for jobs and the other for parts. The Job Bill's parent number is not found in the Item master file whereas the Part Bill's parent number is in the Item master file. An item on either Bill can itself be a Part Bill.

Individual items on a bill can be phantom items: items in which inventory is to be relieved even though this item belongs with another item. In addition to a listing of the Bills of Material on file, costed Bills of Material can be printed at any time.

The Job Costing system reports records which were coded to a job when keyed into Accounts Payable, Inventory/Invoicing and Payroll. This enables you to keep track of costs on jobs.


  • Over 32,000 Items/Bills
  • Number of Job Records Limited Only by Disk Space
  • Bill can be Verified Against the Item File
  • Bill of Material Combines with Release System to Generate Inventory Records
  • Phantom Items Supported
  • Job Costing Records can be Keyed in Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Invoicing


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