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The sales data entry screen provides on-screen lookup of customers and items; allows changing of default price; shows item description and unit of measure on-screen; allows 'ship-to' information to be entered; allows tax status of the item to be changed; and facilitates entry of sales of more than one item.

Note that if you are using the SSS Point of Sale module you will not need to key the sales as POS generates an invoice.

Pricing & Billing

Our Invoicing module provides businesses with flexibility in billing by implementing user-defined terms, multi-level pricing strategies, two-level discounting and split invoicing. During data entry, the default terms, prices, tax codes, ship-to address, discounts, and other variables are automatically entered but may be overridden to accomodate variances.


Invoices are automatically posted to Accounts Receivable and entries to General Ledger are generated and posted by the system.

Invoice proofs are printed and allow for changes at any time - even after the invoices are printed. The split percentage, due date, discount (early pay, item, and customer) and sales tax are all calculated by the system and printed on the invoices. Our Invoicing system allows invoices to be re-printed as many times as necessary without affecting Account Receivable and/or General Ledger.


A Sales Tax Report can be printed each month for use in preparing government reports. Monthly Transaction Registers and Sales Registers are included. History reports are available to provide detailed analysis of sales/profitablity.


  • Over 32,000 Customers
  • Multiple Companies
  • On-screen Customer and Item Lookups
  • Automatic Posting of Invoices to Accounts Receivable
  • Customer-specific User-defined Payment Terms
  • Up to 99 Farms per Customer (optional)
  • Split Invoicing with up to 8 splits (optional)
  • Sales Automatically Adjust Inventory
  • Invoices can be Reprinted
  • Invoice Due Date and Early Pay Discounts Calculated
  • Sales Tax Automatically Calculated by State
  • Continual Processing -- No Waiting on GL Month End
  • Entries GL Posted Monthly or at Each Invoicing Run
  • Recurring Invoices Based on Last Billing History
  • Two Customer/Item-specific Pricing Strategies:
    • Retail and 3 Levels of Cost-plus, or
    • Retail and 3 Levels of Wholesale (disc-%)


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