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Item Maintenance

Master item list kept. Items can be barcoded; they can be coded as taxable, non-taxable, or non-taxable for agriculture. Like items grouped together in product code groupings for reporting to ledger, ordering reports and looking up part numbers. Items have a longer description in addition to the normal description that can, per item, either be shown on invoices, quotes, tickets, or not.

A vendor part number is provided for each item. This is used in our SSS Purchase Order module; and also allows for list prices to be updated from a vendor distribution diskette.

Sales, Receivers and Withdrawals

Separate data entry screens for sales, receivers and withdrawals for ease of use. When entering receivers, the unit price is automatically calculated. The sales data entry screen provides on-screen lookup of customers and items; allows changing of default price; shows item description and unit of measure on-screen; allows 'ship-to' information to be entered; allows tax status of the item to be changed; and facilitates entry of sales of more than one item.

A Transaction Report is provided for verifying the accuracy of the data keyed, and inventory is then updated.

Invoicing Interface

After inventory has been updated, the sales records automatically create/add to invoicing files. This method allows inventory to be updated independently of invoicing runs.

The SSS Point of Sale module will draw down inventory automatically.

During Invoicing, any change or correction made to the invoices will generate update records to inventory. These records will then be printed on the next Transaction Report and will correct inventory on the next update.

Inventory Inquiry

An on-screen Available Inventory Inquiry by item number shows the current inventory and the current transaction totals for sales, receivers, and withdrawals.


  • Over 32,000 Items
  • Multiple Companies
  • Average, Last, and Current Cost Maintained
  • Inventory Inquiry Available at Any Time
  • User-defined Product Groupings
  • Product Group Level Reported to General Ledger
  • Inventory Valuation Reports
  • Items Below Re-order Point Listing
  • Current Month Usage
  • Monthly Product Transaction Register
  • Inventory Updated Independent of Printing Invoices
  • Receivers Entered at Time of Receipt
  • Withdrawals Entered at Time of Withdrawal
  • Item-number Lookup by Words of Description
  • Vendor Part Number in Addition to Regular Item Number


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