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General Ledger

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Financial Reporting

A standard Balance Sheet and Income Statement are provided, but may be extensively modified to suit your preferences. In addition, other reports can be created with our Form File definition language. These financial reports can be printed for the current accounting period, or for any past accounting period.

The Unaudited Trial Balance can also be printed for any past accounting period, or any group of consecutive periods combined; for a selected account, several selected accounts, or the complete Unaudited Trial Balance.

Budget entries can be made and last-year data brought forward for comparison. Budget entries and last-year data can be shown on any of the financial reports.

Company Setup and Security

Includes support for multiple companies, and for departments within a company.

For maximum security, General Ledger provides password protection on any reports or files that contain balances.

Processing, Balancing & Month End Reporting

Unbalanced entries cannot be posted -- this aids in month-end balancing functions. The Unaudited Trial Balance shows period beginning balance, current month transactions, and current YTD balance; total cumulative debits and credits are totalled and printed (a correctly balanced report will total zero); and the gross net profit is shown (all income accounts less all expense accounts).

Journal Entry History

Comprehensive journal entry on-screen lookup. Quickly find out when a journal entry was made, or to what account it was posted. Lookup by company number, date, journal number, part of the description, or account number.


  • Over 32,000 Accounts
  • Multiple Companies
  • Maintains Budget by Month
  • Maintains Prior Year's Data and Balances by Month
  • Prevents Unbalanced Entries
  • Trial Balance for Combined Periods
  • Print Journal Entries for Single Account for Combined Periods
  • Provides Financial Statements Modifiable by User
  • Password Protection
  • Journal Entries History


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